What’s a flower garden? – ABC News

Here are some of the questions to ask before you begin a flower farm: Are you planting the garden yourself or buying a plot?

If you’re planting yourself, ask the gardener to explain the plant’s benefits and its requirements.

How much money is needed to raise it?

Is it too small for you to raise the garden?

What type of landscape and landscape design do you want?

What kinds of flowers do you plan to grow?

Are you growing for sale or do you intend to sell it?

If your garden is for sale, ask for a quote.

Do you need to have a permit?

Do you require permission from the council to plant a garden?

How much does it cost?

What are the costs to buy and keep your garden?

Do I need to know the rules and regulations of the local council to enjoy your garden (if you’re buying it)?

Is it legal to sell flowers in gardens?

Do flowers need to be kept for longer than allowed?

What about fruit trees?

Do they need to produce seeds?

Are there any regulations for the harvesting of fruit trees, including seedlings, or for picking the fruit?

What if I’ve already bought flowers from a local nursery?

Do the gardens I plan to buy from require me to buy their own seeds?

Is there a specific rule for me to follow when buying flowers from one of the nursery sites?

How do I get a local gardener’s permission to plant my garden?

Can I grow flowers myself?

Can you provide me with information on the availability of nurseries?

What is the local nursery policy on flowering in gardens in NSW?

What will you need for your garden to be ready for planting in July?

Are the flowers growing in the garden on the weekend?

Is your garden being watered or fertilised?

How many plants do you need?

Do your flowers need water?

Do other plants need water or fertilizer?

Do any of your flowers require water or fertilisation?

How often will I be asked about the size of my garden and how long I want it to last?

Are flowers available for sale?

How long will I need your flowers to flower for?

Do all flowers require a specific type of fertilizer?

How old will flowers last?

How will I know if I have enough flowers to grow a lot of flowers?

How should I store my flowers?

Is my garden covered with weeds?

What do I do if I find some of my flowers in my garden but others don’t?

What types of flowers should I avoid growing in my gardens?

What should I do when my garden gets too crowded?

Can a gardener plant me a garden if I want to grow my own flowers?

What happens if I’m selling flowers for my garden when I don’t have enough for me?

Can someone take a sample of flowers from my garden if the garden is sold to someone else?

Do local nurseries need permits?

Can they grow the flowers for me or give me a sample to grow on?

How can I find out if my garden is legally permitted to grow flowers?

Will I need a permit if I intend to grow some of them?

Are they licensed?

Is the state responsible for regulating the planting and care of flowers in their gardens?

Can flowers be sold in nurseries and given to people without a permit or a permit card?

Can people get a licence for planting flowers?

Do nurseries have to keep the flowers in the nursery?

Can nurseries keep the same flowers for different people?

Can local nursaries sell flowers?

Can the flowers be moved?

Can flower growers arrange for someone else to grow the flower they’ve purchased?

Can nursery staff contact the gardening company to sell the flowers?