Why do I want a Christmas flower delivery service in Houston?

Posted December 24, 2018 09:10:00 A year ago, the Houston area became the first in the country to become the first to officially launch a holiday delivery service.

The service, called Zinnia Flower Delivery, is currently in its third year and has grown from just four people to more than 250.

In all, there are about 100 people who have signed up.

The Houston Post recently visited Zinnias doorstep to learn more about what it’s like to receive a flower delivered for the holidays.

“We don’t have a lot of experience in that sort of thing.

It’s a little bit more advanced than our traditional deliveries.

But it’s all really simple,” said Melissa DeBruyn, who is in charge of Zinnianas business operations.

The company started out as a simple delivery service for flower pots in a local neighborhood, but soon expanded to deliver flowers from all over the Houston metro area.

In the first year alone, Zinnias service brought in $25,000 for the city.

Zinnialas delivery driver also works as a babysitter and has become an integral part of the company’s community.

“It’s been a blast.

We’ve seen an increase in business, and the demand is amazing,” said DeB.”

For us, it’s a really great opportunity for people in the city to be able to come in, and have a really nice Christmas,” she added.

For Zinniamans customers, it has been a great day.

“I think people are really appreciative of it.

They want to get the flowers delivered.

And the people who are coming to pick them up and the flower delivery drivers, it feels good.

And it’s nice to have a community of people around who appreciate it,” said owner, Zino DeBurgher.”

And then I think that’s the real reason people are so enthusiastic about it,” added DeBuny.

The Zinnies service also helps support the Zinnie Foundation.

The foundation provides free holiday cheer for children in the Houston region.

“They get the opportunity to see Santa Claus in a festive way and we get to make sure they have a nice day,” said Zinniahs executive director, Lisa Fong.

“The kids have to go home to their mom and dad and get dressed.

And we’re doing that for them, and that’s what the kids love,” said Fong.”

And it’s very important to us that they have this holiday fun, and they feel like they’re getting a real Christmas gift from this,” added Fong, adding that the foundation will be providing a donation of $100 to the Zilliamans charity.