How to choose a dandelions flower tattoo page and find the best one

I am not a huge fan of tattoos for my children, but I am also not one to leave my children without a unique look.

I wanted to create a look for my son that would compliment his natural hair and he has never done a tattoo before.

So when I got the idea to create an alabama state floral tattoo page I was thrilled and it took about a week to design.

The flowers were painted on my son and then it was up to me to create the artwork.

My first attempt was a little on the simple side, I just used an acrylic paint and a little glue to paint on the flowers.

Then, I added some color and a sparkle.

And finally, I started with the colors of the state.

That way I would have an image of the flowers and then a link to the flower tattoo to give my child a unique flower tattoo.

Now that I have created my own custom tattoo page, I know that I can create one that will suit my child’s needs.

It takes a little time to create, but once you do, it will be a dream to paint your child a daffodil. 

I love my daffoder flowers and hope that you will as well.