How to make a ‘cheap’ flower delivery

A new app, the cheapest flower delivery service in the world, is now available in the United States.

Called Flower, the app will deliver flowers to your door in about a minute, and the company has already raised $12 million from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and the New York Stock Exchange.

According to The Next Week, Flower has already been downloaded by a whopping 1.8 million people in the US, including thousands of schools.

Here’s a quick overview of the service: Flower’s service is currently only available in New York City, which means that the app only works in areas that have electricity and water.

You’ll need to be in New Yorkers’ backyards to get started.

Flowers are delivered by a delivery drone, which you can use to fly the flowers around the neighborhood.

You can even rent a drone to fly flowers to the door.

The app will also accept credit cards and PayPal.

The Flower team says it will also launch a “pay to receive” feature in the coming weeks, though they haven’t shared much about that yet.

The company claims it’s the cheapest delivery service, but the delivery cost could vary wildly depending on where you live.

According the app’s website, the cost of the flower will be $0.30 per flower, which could vary depending on the location and quality of the flowers.