Which NFL team would be the most attractive to a flower?

In a move to win back the hearts of the NFL faithful, the Kansas City Chiefs have unveiled a new color scheme for their jersey.

The team’s new jersey will be black, white and gray, which is the same color as the flowers used to decorate the field at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs’ new look was inspired by a Kansas City flower, but not all flowers have the same meaning.

Some flowers are used to honor specific moments or players, while others are a symbol of a particular season or a certain color.

In the case of the Chiefs’ flowers, the purple and red color scheme has been chosen because of the colors associated with the team.

The colors on the jersey are a combination of the new Chiefs’ purple and green, which are also associated with Kansas City.

The purple is associated with their defense, and the green with the offense.

The jersey also features the word “CUP” on the front, and on the back of the jersey is a flower that looks like a small flower with a heart on top.

The team will use the new colors to signify a season-long celebration for the flowers, which will be presented on Dec. 11.

The color scheme was created by design team Purple Panda, which also created the designs for the Chiefs players jerseys.

They are not the first team to incorporate a new look into its jerseys.

In October, the Houston Texans unveiled a different look to the Texans’ jerseys.

The Texans’ new uniforms feature a red-orange combination, with red, white, and blue accents throughout.