Apple to sell flowers for iPhone 8 and iPhone X as new phone options

Apple’s next iPhone and iPhone 8 models will include “a new type of flower tattoo that takes the traditional tattooing style and turns it on its head,” according to a new report from Wired.

The new design features a flower motif on the back, as well as a small round hole in the back of the flower, which the device makers hope will help it stand out from the crowd.

The device makers are hoping the new design will be “a good deal better than traditional tattoo designs,” according the report, which notes that it was made by a small company in Germany.

Apple has also introduced a new design for its AirPods earbuds, which features a different flower motif than the previous designs.

“The flowers that appear on the AirPigs earbud are all made of an organic material called argan, which is the same as the kind of flowers used on our original AirPodcast earbuddy earphones,” the report explains.

“These flowers were inspired by a series of photos taken by our friends at the Art Center of the University of California at Berkeley.”

According to the report’s description, the new earbuddies were developed by a team of art students at UC Berkeley, and were made using an “organic and sustainable material” (in this case argan) in the form of “a unique, 3D printed flower pattern.”

Apple’s AirPig earbod will be available for $100.