The Texas flower, with a big bloom, is being removed from the state’s highways

The Texas Flower, with its big blooms, is coming to an end.

The state’s Transportation Department said Monday that the flower will be removed from Interstate 10, Highway 35 and Interstate 30A by June 2.

It will be put on display in Houston at the University of Houston Museum of Natural Science, along with other flowers from the Texas Panhandle.

The flowers, which have been in use for thousands of years, have grown to be about 1,500 feet tall and weigh more than 40 tons.

They are one of the state ‘s most recognizable symbols, a reminder that the Plains states once thrived on a bountiful climate that was dominated by corn, soybeans and cotton.

But with the drought, which has caused a shortage of corn and other crops, Texas is looking to the future.

The department said the state will try to get the flower to a Texas museum that can hold it for future display.