What to look for at the Flower Garden Cup final

Italia 1/11 The crowd at the Maracanã is loud and full, with the sound of loud whistles echoing throughout the pitch as the first team take to the field.

2/11 It is a quiet and peaceful game, with players sharing the field and the crowd quietening down with music.

3/11 A large group of players gather in the centre of the pitch, which is flanked by the lines of yellow flags and yellow lines, with one player sitting on each of them.

4/11 All of the players on the pitch are wearing yellow, while one player wears a red and white striped shirt.

5/11 Maracanâncas fans are very supportive of the team, with their shirts, scarves and scarves being passed around in celebration of their team’s win.

6/11 After the game, fans of the Maracana stadium cheer for the team after the final whistle.

7/11 While there were not many boos during the match, fans did express their anger towards the referee after the match.

8/11 Some of the fans of Corinthians were seen shouting the team name as the match finished.

9/11 There are several fans who stood in front of the goal during the game and continued to yell the team’s name.

10/11 Following the game though, some fans in the crowd were seen leaving the stadium in disgust. 11/11