How the UK government is changing how we decorate our gardens

A government minister has made a bold statement about the way we decorates our gardens.

A new plan to change how we use plants and flowers has been put forward by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Under the plan, which was unveiled at the Cabinet Office yesterday, the garden will be given more room for plants and a new approach to plants will be introduced.

The new policy aims to ensure that we are planting plants that are ‘best in the world’.

In other words, plants that have long life, and have not been watered, fertilised or grown for more than five years.

This means we are less likely to see plants that we would want to have in the garden in a short space of time.

This could include flowering plants such as daisies and roses.

The garden will also be given the opportunity to have more natural light and have less ‘starch, sugar and nitrogen’ in the soil.

It will also have the opportunity for more biodiversity, as plants will also need to have the ability to regenerate, Defra says.

“The garden is a big part of our local landscape, and has a special place in the lives of our residents,” Defra’s chief scientist, Professor Brian MacGregor, said.

“We are investing in it to make sure we get it right.”

The department is planning to change the way gardens are planted by the year 2020.

It is also considering changing the way that the gardener is paid and to improve the way the gardening community is represented.

A lot of gardeners are really excited about this new policy, but many are concerned about the impact it could have on other plants and animals.

In a nutshell, the government is making it easier to grow plants in less space, and is giving plants more room to grow.

This can also affect animals, who are dependent on the soil for their survival.

“It could have a negative impact on animals, especially on the little ones,” said Dr. Helen Bowers, a retired botanist from Oxford University.

“I think it’s a really big thing for biodiversity, for plant diversity.

We can’t have too much of anything.”

What do you think?

Is this new garden policy the best way to grow your own plants?

Or do you feel it could be detrimental to other plants?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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