Murakami flowers stencils: The art of Japanese cannabis flower decoration

The plant, which produces a greenish-purple flower, has a long and colourful history.

It’s one of the plants that inspired Japanese novelist Haruki Murakamis novel Shokugeki no Soma, which was published in 1984. 

According to Murakaman, the plant was the reason that Japanese culture has been so tolerant towards cannabis, which the country is now slowly introducing to mainstream society.

“The Japanese culture is very open and tolerant towards plants like this,” he told Al Jazeera.

“If you don’t like a plant you don�t like any other plant.

This is something that people have been living with for thousands of years.”

Murakamy said that it was not just the flower itself that was popular.

“It is the flower that you put in your mouth, it is the plant itself,” he said.

“So when people hear the name cannabis, they think of a flower.

It is the same with cannabis flower.

If you are using cannabis flower for decoration you are actually making a flower stencil.”

Muraki added that the stencil, which has a number of flowers that can be combined into a flower, could be used for a variety of purposes.

“A flower stencher can be used to make a beautiful, elaborate decoration,” he explained.

“You can make a flower with your mouth or a flower in your hand.

You can make it into a sculpture or you can make an artistic drawing.”

Al Jazeera asked Murakaki about his thoughts on the legality of cannabis in Japan.

“I am not against cannabis, I just feel like there should be a different policy on it,” he responded.

“We can’t go into it and say ‘we will decriminalise’ and ‘we are going to go legal’, we are going into a process that is not yet done.”

“It has been illegal for over 200 years,” he added.

“This country is full of history and this country has a lot of history, and this is a history that should be respected.”

He added that while cannabis use is illegal, there are some individuals who are using it as a therapeutic activity.

I think it’s good to keep an open mind and let the culture come and evolve. “

For example, people who are smoking cannabis will see this and it is an option that is open to them.”

I think it’s good to keep an open mind and let the culture come and evolve.

It can be something that is used to help people, but I also think that we need to let the government decide,” he concluded.