The flower market that’s now home to some 200,000 plants is being used as a ‘living garden’

Posted February 04, 2018 08:21:40 The blooming of hundreds of thousands of plantings and the smell of flowers in the air in the Flower Market in Sydney is now the home of thousands.

The area has become a popular tourist destination as locals have grown accustomed to visiting the colourful and colourful blooms of the city’s blossoms.

In 2016, a new park was created and a new market was opened to help cater for the city.

This year, the city is planning a second park, with a smaller garden, and a smaller market to cater for flower shoppers.

Flower market in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, 2016.

Photo: Daniel MunozFlower Market Manager, Michael Jones, said the new park would open in the autumn.

“This year it’s going to be a bit bigger and we’ll also have more stalls, more vendors, so we’ve got to cater to the flower community,” he said.

Mr Jones said the market had been a long-standing part of the Darling Harbour community.

“It’s really been a community centre,” he explained.

“We’ve been here for many years and I think that the city, and people, are really happy with it.”

The flower market in the city was created in 2016.

Photo: Daniel MooreThe city has created a new flower market, a smaller flower market and a flower market to help meet demand for flower goods.

“The flower industry is really a key part of Sydney and we’re looking to grow the industry here,” Mr Jones said.

“There’s a lot of things we’re trying to grow here that we think can help to support the flower industry here.”

Flower vendors are seen in the flower market at the Sydney Flower Market on November 13, 2017.

Photo and video courtesy of Daniel Munoski.

The Flower Market has been in the Darling Harbor since 2014.

Mr Munosikis first came to the area in 1995, when he was a teenager, and said it had always been a place he wanted to visit.

“I would love to go back to it, because it’s a really beautiful place,” he told

“You can see the city lights, it’s very colourful and it’s just a really lovely place.”

The new flower park will be a community-centred area, with an array of different flower vendors, including:Honeybee & Bee, who have been in Sydney for over 50 years, are the flower vendor for the event.

“Honeybees are very much involved in the floral market, they’re a big part of it, they’ve got a lot to say about it, we’ve been in their gardens,” Mr Munosiki said.

Flower vendor, Honeybee &amps; Bee.

Photo courtesy of Honeybee&Bee.

He said that since he was born in Australia, the market was always the same.

“That’s why I grew up in Sydney, that’s why the flowers are all over the place, because the city has a flower culture and a community spirit and it really is just lovely,” he added.

The city’s Flower Market is now home for many more flower vendors and the Flower Markets are an annual event in Sydney.

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