Trump: ‘Pansy Flowers’ is an ‘outrageous’ piece of work

Donald Trump’s most recent effort to make fun of the media has turned out to be a monumentally embarrassing mess for the president.

The president tweeted Wednesday that a CNN report on the alleged plagiarism in his book “The Art of the Deal” was “the worst thing I have ever written.”

Trump’s statement was a thinly veiled insult to the network, which had reported that the plagiarism was “inappropriate” in part because the book was based on an interview with a fictional character.

But, it’s the tweet itself that should really come as no surprise: Trump was responding to a tweet that read, “CNN was the worst thing ever written, the worst news source ever created.

They suck!,” with a picture of a pile of dead bodies in a pool of blood, alluding to a report on a massacre at a Connecticut elementary school in 2016.

The CNN report was one of many that were published after the publication of Trump’s book.

Trump’s tweet is just the latest in a series of insults directed at the media that have made him look like a moron.

And it shows how deeply the president’s base is invested in the false narratives that they believe he tells them.

For Trump, this kind of criticism isn’t about the news, it is about ratings.

And ratings don’t come cheap.

Trump also went on to claim that CNN’s reporting of the plagiarized material was a “fake news story” that “screwed over the Trump-Russia story.”

But, as we’ve noted before, the fact that Trump’s campaign was caught plagiarizing from a former Fox News reporter doesn’t mean that the news network was covering it up.CNN has not yet responded to Trump’s claim that they covered up the plagiarizing, but Trump is now trying to make his attack on the network look like news.

And if his campaign has anything to do with this, they should apologize to CNN.

Trump has also made clear that his criticism of the network has no basis in fact.

In his tweet, Trump called CNN a “failing” news organization.

He continued, “Its ratings have been tanking for years.

CNN has a horrible reputation.

CNN is a joke!”CNN did indeed drop Trump’s tweet and did not retract the story.

But Trump was right.

The network has been losing viewers and ratings in recent years, and its ratings have dropped precipitously.

And CNN is no longer a viable news outlet for Trump, either.