Flowers and flow chart examples

A flower-themed tattoo and flowchart example could have a major impact on a woman’s tattoo experience, says tattoo expert Mariah Miller.

“It could have the potential to be the first step toward a woman having her own personal art experience,” Miller says. 

Tattoo artist Mariah J. Miller has created a flow chart of flowers that she calls “the flower arms.”

(Photo: Mariah E. Miller)The flow chart is an interesting, if not necessarily groundbreaking, design, Miller says, which is why she decided to put it on her website.

“I’ve always loved the idea of putting things on a board or in a window,” Miller, an artist with The Art of Tattooing, tells Insider.

“So I thought, ‘How can I take a simple idea that’s so obvious and put it into something that feels meaningful and fun?'”

She says she’s been designing and designing, and her work is consistently in the “top 10 percent” of tattoo designs. 

“A lot of people are looking for something that is easy to get into and look good on your body,” Miller adds.

“The flowchart is an example of how you can get into the flowchart and really enjoy the artwork and still feel like it’s going to be really personal.”

Here are some of Miller’s other designs: She created this flowchart for a woman who had been having a difficult time deciding what she wanted on her body.

“When I first came to my initial idea, I was thinking about a flowchart, or something that was more a graphic representation of something, but I ended up making a little bit more than that,” she says.

“For the flow chart, I went with the flow of a flower.

It was kind of a random sort of flower.”

The flowchart also included flowers and a flow diagram of a heart.

“This one had a lot of inspiration from flowers, which was really nice,” Miller explains.

“I started out with a simple flow chart and just made it more and more intricate with more and further away, and I was really happy with it,” she adds. 

Miller says she likes the flow, which allows her to get the flow into her tattoo, and also makes it more personal for her.

“There are so many different kinds of designs, and the more you can do with the artist’s vision, the more authentic the experience will be,” she explains.

Miller says the flow is a great way to add a little more interest to a tattoo.

“You can have something that’s a little abstract and fun, and then add a flow to it,” Miller notes.

“A lot more people are trying to add flow into tattoos now, and it’s really exciting to see what they can do.”

The flow is an image Miller drew for a flower-related tattoo. 

The flow was designed with the help of her partner, artist Amanda E. Smith, to create a simple design.

“We thought it would be really cool if the flowers would be in the middle of a chart, and we put a flower in the center,” Miller reveals.

“And I love it.” 

“I wanted to make it a little unique,” she continues.

“But it was also really cool to do this for someone who’s just getting started with tattoos, and really excited about it.

So we had to make sure it wasn’t too easy or too challenging for her.” 

Miller explains she went back to her partner and made the design with the goal of creating something that felt more personal.

“As an artist, I’ve always liked to work with a visual element, and a visual flowchart can be very powerful,” she tells Insider, “so I wanted to add it to it and just see what she thought of it.”

The art of tattooing, Miller tells Insider is “a beautiful artform.”

“It is beautiful, because you can really create something from nothing,” she emphasizes.

“If you don’t want to do it yourself, it’s still beautiful.” 

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