FourFour Two’s favourite plants

4 Four Two’s most favourite plants are actually two different types of flowers, writes Laura Bancroft.

The show’s resident flower girl, Dahlia, has been a favourite since the show first started.

“Dahlia is a super easy plant to grow, and I love seeing the colour change from green to red to purple,” said Laura.

Laura said Dahlia was the first of the new season’s favourites to go under the knife.

“The one that’s going to be getting the most attention this season is the purple one.”

I really liked the purple flower in the show and it’s definitely my favourite.

“Laura also loves the look of purple roses.”

Darling has a really beautiful purple shade,” she said.”

But I also really like the pink and purple, too.

“One of Laura’s favourite flowers is the red rose.”

Red is my favourite colour for flowers, and red roses are my favourite because it looks beautiful,” she added.

There are also new favourites for Laura.”

It’s very easy to grow and it does have a lovely scent, and the flower is really fun to grow,” she concluded.