Pansy flowers delivered to Paddington

Paddick Park, London, UK (CNN) — A couple who live in London’s Paddicks Park neighborhood delivered a bunch of flowers to their daughter’s doorstep this week.

The flower delivery was a part of a campaign by the Flowers for the People organization that wants to help children who have been bullied or discriminated against.

“I just wanted to make sure that we did the right thing for my daughter, but also for all of those children who are just struggling with it,” said Sara Dabiri, who delivered the flowers to Paddy Park.

A family with three children in the neighborhood says the campaign is a positive step in the right direction, but says there’s a long way to go.

“It’s important to know that people who are in this position need support, especially those who are struggling,” said Dabirii.

The family says their daughter, a fourth grader at Paddack, has been bullied since kindergarten and is regularly bullied at school.

The family says she’s received a lot of support from her teachers.

Paddick residents say the campaign has been positive, but have a message for parents of kids who are bullied.

“If you see someone who is a bully, call the police,” said Paddicker resident and activist Jennifer O’Sullivan.

“They should get help, and we should support them.

We’re not going to be silenced.

We don’t want to be silent, and that’s what this is about.”

The Flowers for Paddackers campaign has seen a tremendous increase in the number of families and people participating.

Some of the families in the campaign have gotten to a point where they’re taking on a large portion of the flowers themselves.

Some of the campaigns flowers have been delivered to children’s homes.

A family in the area received a huge amount of flowers.

They’re now sending them to the Paddacks Parks office.

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The campaign is growing and now includes some 300 volunteers, organizers say.

They’ve been receiving hundreds of letters, emails and calls from people wanting to help the campaign.

The organization says it has received over 200,000 letters.