How to get in on the ‘flower pot’ craze

A Vancouver flower pot has become a hit at the market in Victoria, attracting more than a million visitors to the city in the last three months alone.

The Victoria, B.C.-based Garden Club is selling more than 2,500 of the pottery-shaped devices with prices ranging from $100 to $3,500.

The first model, a ceramic bowl made from recycled plastic, was sold out in just one day in April, said co-owner and garden manager Michelle DeBolt.

The second model, made of wood, was also popular.

The pottery is made by a team of seven artists in Richmond and Victoria, with an international team of about 40 artists working on the project.

The company says the pots sell for between $100 and $3.50, with the larger models costing $3 per unit.

DeBolt said the gardeners are trying to find a way to make money selling the pots without raising money from the government.

“We are just doing it because we love what we do and we love the flowers and the people we serve,” she said.

The idea came from DeBortons husband, former Vancouver mayor, Paul DeBord, who was passionate about the idea and wants to see it in the market.

De Bolt said she’s seen people who love the product take out their own loan for the pot.

“I think a lot of people don’t know that it’s not a loan,” she explained.

“You get paid back when you sell it.

You’re not just buying a pot but you’re paying for the plants and for the seeds.

You don’t just walk in with a bucket of seeds and a bucket full of pots.”

The company is now making more ceramic bowls with recycled plastic and has plans to make more pottery bowls.

The bowls are sold in flower pots at the Garden Club flower market.

(CBC News)The Victoria Garden Club, which has been around since 1987, has grown to more than 100 members in the past year.

The city has also been hosting an annual festival featuring pottery and art at the Golden Flower Market, which sells flower pottery for a discounted price.

The pottery festival will continue through March.

“The idea is to bring people together to do something that has such an impact on their community,” DeBorde said.